Sample training topics include:

  • Evidence-based mentoring
  • Standards that guide beginning teacher development
  • How mentoring is different from teaching
  • Generations working together
  • Stages of teacher development
  • Paraphrasing and positive presuppositions
  • Mediational questions
  • Recognizing biases
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence
  • Coaching skill self-assessment
  • Mentoring and analyzing for student achievement

Mentor Training

Resources for Learning’s Scaffolded Solutions provides face-to-face mentor training based on the following two goals:

  1. Provide veteran teachers with the knowledge and skills to mentor beginning teachers based on evidence of beginning teaching strengths and areas for improvement

  2. Ensure that beginning teachers learn the skills and tools they need to develop self-efficacy

Our training empowers beginning teachers through professional wisdom combined with evidence to help them make decisions about student learning.

For more information, contact Linda Wurzbach at (512) 327-8576,
ext. 1 or email